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Where to Recycle Paint?

Paint Recycling Centers

Most Household Hazardous Waste Lanfills are unable to accept liquid paint, as liquid wastes are banned from landfill sites. Latex paint is recyclable, but oil-based paint is considered household hazardous waste (HHW). Do not pour paint down the drain. Anything poured down a drain ends up in the sewer systems, ocean, and groundwater. Solvent based paint, paint thinner and white spirit should be disposed of as hazardous waste. Consult your local Harzardous Waste Department for paint recycing instructions.

The best way to recycle latex paint, is to use it.

Having leftover latex paint is unavoidable on any household or commercial painting job. Carefully measure your area for the coverage recommendations on the side of paint cans to check how much you need. Avoid creating paint waste by planning your paint usage. Buy only what you need.

Leftover latex paint can be use it for touch-up jobs and smaller projects or add another coat to your paint finish for extra protection. Ask your neighbors if they could use your leftover paint. Instead of dumping unsed paint, you can donate it to Habitat for Humanity or to Community Clean Up project.

For information on how to organize a paint recycling event, email for details using our Contact Page

To obtain information on starting a Latex Paint Recycling Program for your Community, please consult Paint Recycling Programs.