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Where to Dispose of Latex Paint?

Paint Waste Disposal Locations

Most Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers do not accept used latex paint. Anything poured down a drain ends up in the ocean, contaminates soil and groundwater. Paint cans cannot be placed in the regular trash or recycle bins.

The best way to dispose of paint, is to use it.

Having leftover paint is unavoidable. Avoid creating paint waste by planning your paint usage. Buy only what you need. The EPA estimated that homeowners and painting contractors store and throw out over 69 million gallons of paint annually.

Use leftover paint to patch up areas around the house, or ask your neighbors if they could use your leftover paint. Instead of dumping unused paint, you can donate it to Habitat for Humanity or to Community Clean Up project.

For information on how to organize a community paint roundup, email for details using our Contact Page

To obtain information on starting a Latex Paint Recycling Program for your Community, please consult Paint Recycling Programs Directory.