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Where to Recycle Empty Latex Paint Cans?

I live in Longmont how do I dispose of paint cans safely? Empty metal paint cans are accepted for recycling at most household waste recycling centers in the Longmont area. Most Colorado recycling centers only accept empty or dry metal paint cans. Empty plastic cans with completely dried latex paint (not oil-based) may be put in the garbage. Empty aerosol cans and oil-based paint cans are considered Hazardous Waste and can not be put into yout trash. These pan cans need to be disposed at your Longmont Hazardous Waste Facility. Check your Longmont Hazardous Waste Facility for paint can disposal regulations and paint can disposal fees.

Colorado Hazardous Waste Facility - Paint Can Disposal Regulations
Website: Waste Management and Recycling Regulations

GreenSheen Latex Paint Recycling Center
Longmont, Colorado
Phone: (303) 514-3955
Website: www.greensheenpaint.com

What to do with Old Paint Cans? If the paint cans contain latex paint in good condition, the paint can and latex paint can be recycled. For Longmont Latex Paint Recycling, call (303) 514-3955 or visit www.greensheenpaint.com to obtain latex paint can recycling information and paint can disposal fees.

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